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I don't do readings!

OK, perhaps that's a bit harsh...

But there is more than an element of truth in it.

If you go to any New Age or Alternative festival you will see several hopeful folks sitting behind their decorated tables offering a range of Psychic Readings for a pre-agreed price.

So, what's my problem?

It's the word "reading".

Are "readers" reading the person, as in psychological profile, or the oracle as in offering a monologue based on what they see or intuit?

Now I know that the various "readers" at such events are not doing this.

They are using the oracular system to trigger their intuitve processes in order to create the opportunity for a meaningful conversation with 'the sitter'. Read that last phrase again - "an opportunity for a meaningful conversation"

Words like "reading", "sitter", "querent" imply that the individual visiting the psychic are taking a very passive role in the whole process.

There is a long history of people seeking advice from a wise-person, sage or oracle and the exact nature of the oracular advice has been lost overtime. However, what we do know is that such advice was rarely in direct, simple terms.

It was often in riddles, poems or statements.

These were aimed at inspiring the seeker to explore their own understandings of the situation they were seeking advice for.

Know thyself.

These were the words inscribed almost as a warning in the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

Before asking any questions of the Gods, the Oracle of Delphi would force travelers to investigate themselves. Because this, and nothing else, was considered the starting point for understanding the world.

Using or apporaching an "oracle" was not a "fun" thing, it was a spiritual thing.

It was treated with respect and often preceeded by a ritual.

There would be none of the "just give me a reading" requests.

Such requests would have been dismissed as lacking reverence.

Likewise the request of "tell me my fortune" would have met with similar disdain.

"Fortune Telling" and "Readings" are oversimplifications of what oracular practice is all about.

If we accept that the word "psychic" as meaning "mind" or "soul" (from the Ancient Greek) then we're beginning to understand that psychics are often much more than those with insights. We are all psychic (or if you prefer intuitive), but those we call oracles or sages bring together a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to empower their conversations with those seeking clarity.

So, I do not do psychic readings.

I engage in intuitve, creative conversations with individuals seeking clarity.

The orcacles I choose to use are tools, nothing more , nothing less.

They are tools that encourage reflection.

Alan /|\

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